DIRT 5 Playgrounds - Building my own Gatecrasher course (Early Preview)

DIRT 5 will be released in October and today a brand new feature was announced for it: Playgrounds! This feature allows you to build your own course for Gatecrasher, Gymkhana or Smash Attack from the ground up, placing every individual object exactly where you want it. Thanks to the Racing Ahead program by Codemasters I got the chance to try out the Playgrounds feature myself in a special preview build on the Xbox One. Here you can see me building, testing and publishing my own Gatecrasher course and also some footage from a few courses by other people.

0:00 DIRT 5 Playgrounds Xbox One Preview Build
0:37 Starting to build my own Gatecrasher course
6:02 The finished Gatecrasher course
7:30 Testing the course with third person view
8:50 Testing the course with cockpit view
10:14 Using my TC2 skills to break my own track
11:20 Fixing the track
12:40 Publishing the track
13:02 Official run on my published course
14:23 Stadium Rallycross course by ConnerSpeed6
15:57 Discovering playgrounds by other people
17:22 Bonus footage by Codemasters

When creating a course with the Playgrounds editor you start with an empty space and you can put down a lot of different objects like blocks, ramps, fences, barriers and more. I usually don't have enough creativity to build an interesting course from the ground up like this, so I was skeptical at first if the content of this preview build would be suitable for me and if I would even make a video about it at all but in the end I actually managed to create a pretty nice course after all and I am somewhat proud of my creation, although more creative people than me can obviously still come up with something much more impressive. The course editor is pretty easy and intuitive to use, so I didn't need any help with it at all.

Players will be able to build courses for 3 different game modes with Gatecrasher, Gymkhana and Smash Attack. In Gatecrasher you have to go from start to finish while passing all of the checkpoints on the course. The checkpoints can be cleared in any order, which you can use to build rather open courses where many different paths are possible. If you want players to use a specific path, then you can use fences and barriers to guide them. Gymkhana and Smash Attack are known from previous DIRT games and you can see some Gymkhana gameplay in the bonus footage at the end of the video.

Courses can be published and then played by other people and there will also be leaderboards for them. In this video I am also trying a course made by fellow YouTuber ConnerSpeed6, who might be making his own video about the feature here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ConnerSpeed6

Note that this preview build was exclusively for people to try the playgrounds feature, so it didn't include any other parts of the game. The graphics and the physics weren't fully optimized for this build either, so don't focus too much on those things in my own gameplay. In the bonus footage at the end you can see some gameplay by Codemasters where the graphics and physics are more optimized though.

It's unfortunate that I couldn't try all the other parts of the game that some other YouTubers got to test in some earlier preview builds but testing the playgrounds feature was definitely interesting as well and I am sure that some of the more creative people in the community will be able to build some amazing courses with it in the full game. And maybe I will check them out and set some leaderboard times on them. :P

DIRT 5 releases on October 16 and I will definitely be showcasing it on my channel. Until then you can check out my videos from older rally and offroad racing games here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Paragleiber/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=23

And as usual to catch all of my gameplay also follow me on my live stream channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/Paragleiber
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