Gran Turismo 2 - Playthrough Part 1 - B License (All Gold Medals!)

Gran Turismo 7 might be coming out at the end of the year with the release of the PS5, so I want to try to do a full playthrough of all the previous Gran Turismo games until then. Here you can see me completing the B license with all 10 gold medals in the simulation mode of Gran Turismo 2.

0:24 B License Test Overview
0:31 B-1 Start, Acceleration, & Braking 1 with Toyota Vitz
2:18 B-2 Start, Acceleration, & Braking 2 with Fiat Coupe
3:46 B-3 Start, Acceleration, & Braking 3 with Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec
5:10 B-4 Circle Track 1: Acceleration Basics with Nissan March
6:26 B-5 Circle Track 2: Acceleration Basics with Subaru Impreza WRX STi
8:00 B-6 Basics of Cornering 1 with Mazda Demio
9:18 B-7 Basics of Cornering 2 with Honda Integra Type R
10:26 B-8 Basics of Cornering 3 with Honda Integra Type R
11:37 B-9 Basics of Cornering 4: S-turn with Ford Cougar
12:53 B-10 Basics of Cornering 5: S-turn with Ford Cougar
13:54 B License Completion and Result Overview
15:04 Full Gold Completion Reward Car

Gran Turismo has always been one of my favorite racing game franchises and I played the first 3 games of the series when they first came out. After that I moved to PC though, so I never got to play GT 4-6. This year I want to try to revisit GT 1-3 and also play through GT 4-6 for the first time. I am not sure if I will manage to get all of it done but I will see how far I can get.

After completing my full playthrough of Gran Turismo 1 I will now begin with Gran Turismo 2. In this game I will start with the simulation mode, since the tracks in arcade mode are locked behind simulation mode progression. The game intro is only on the arcade mode disc though, so it will not be shown in this first episode.

In this video I am doing the B license, which consists of 10 different tests this time. Once again I am not only getting the license but even setting a gold medal time in every single test, which rewards me with the Spoon S2000 as my first car.

I am also showing the replay for each of my runs, since it shows you the controller input on the screen. Just like in GT1 I am playing classic PS1 style with purely digital controller input. No analog sticks or buttons are used. In the last 4 license tests in this video I am using manual transmission.

I am not sure if I ever went for the gold medals in GT2 before, so I wasn't sure what difficulty to expect but I didn't have much trouble with any of the B license tests. The hardest one was probably B-10 but even that one didn't take long compared to a few of the tests in GT1.

In the next video I will be completing the first few races. GT2 is a bigger game than GT1 and I have never fully completed it before but I am looking forward to doing it in this video series.
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