Project Cars 3 - Pista di Fiorano (Hidden Track / only for Ferrari)

Project Cars 3 will be released for the public next week but thanks to Slightly Mad Studios I am already able to try the game now and showcase some of its content for you guys. Here you can see how to select the hidden Ferrari test track at Fiorano and a race on it with Ferrari F355 Challenge cars.

0:00 How to access Pista di Fiorano
1:17 Ferrari F355 Battle at Fiorano

There are a lot of different tracks in Project Cars 3 but one of them is a lot more hidden than the others: The Ferrari test track Pista di Fiorano. Only Ferrari cars are allowed to drive on this track, so you can only find it in the track list when you have a car from Ferrari selected. And when you have chosen the track you can only change to other Ferrari cars.

We all know that the Ferrari company is a bit of a diva. Back in 1998 they didn't want their cars to take part in police chases in Need for Speed 3. The Ferrari Formula 1 team had several disagreements with all the other teams, which led for example to the infamous US Grand Prix 2005. And now they want to make sure that no cars from other manufacturers can enter the holy grounds of Fiorano, not even in a video game. :P

By the way, I already recorded this track with the same car in another game, which was Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends. Here you can see that version for comparison:

Note: Project Cars 3 also includes the Porsche test track in Leipzig. On this track you are allowed to drive with any car, so credits to Porsche for being more open in that regard.

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