This Monster Wave Happens Once in 10,000 Years and Scientists Have Finally Captured It

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Until the late nineteenth century, around one ship every day was mysteriously lost at sea. A ship's disappearance may be blamed on pirates, mythological Krakens, or even Poseidon back then. That number has dropped as shipping has progressed and new technologies have been introduced. However, even in 2005, at least two ships per week continued to suffer abrupt disasters, resulting in the loss of many lives at sea.

Who or what is to blame for these heinous acts? It's all about killers, namely Killer Waves. Scientists still don't know how to predict them, much less how to avoid them. You'll see how waves play life-or-death chess with ships in this video. Why do 30-meter breaks exist against mathematicians' estimates, and, more importantly, what is the secret of the killer waves' flawless crimes?

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