EAT THIS For Incredible Health Benefits & LONGEVITY (Unlocking The Keto Code) | Steven Gundry

I was wrong!
And I’m not the only one.
Turns out, health professionals around the world were wrong about how the keto diet works.

But you know what?
I embrace finding out I’m wrong. In fact, it motivates me!
You see, I’m committed to RE-searching, meaning continuing to ‘look again’ at our current mainstream health beliefs in search of the truth.
So for this episode, I share some new, groundbreaking research with you regarding the ketogenic diet.

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On this episode you’ll learn:
The history of the ketogenic diet – and why it has become increasingly popular over the last several years
Why 60% of people on a traditional keto diet FAIL – and what makes MY version of the keto diet incredibly easy to follow (and extremely effective)
Why some people can seemingly eat whatever they want and remain thin (while others CAN’T) – and what it could mean for your health
The REAL reason behind “stubborn fat” that just won’t budge – and how to “hack” your body to use fat as energy
The biggest MYTH about ketones – and how to get ALL the benefits of a ketogenic diet – without going keto!
The real KEY to efficient energy production, a slim physique, and a long healthy life (and why it’s NOT ketones)
The #1 change you should implement TODAY to have a maximum impact on your health, weight and longevity (it has nothing to do with what you eat)
My thoughts on “Hard Ketones”, the keto-friendly alcoholic drink company – and what I recommend instead for getting a healthy supply of MCT’s

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