Project Cars 3 - Lotus Evija and Rimac C Two Gameplay (Electric Hypercars)

Project Cars 3 will be released for the public next week but thanks to Slightly Mad Studios I am already able to try the game now and showcase some of its content for you guys. Here you can see a test of the Lotus Evija and the Rimac C Two, which are the two electric hypercars in the game.

0:00 Dubai Autodrome International with 2018 Rimac C Two
4:09 Dubai Autodrome International with 2020 Lotus Evija
8:07 Car Stats

When browsing through the car list of Project Cars 3 the one name that will probably catch most people's attention is the Lotus Evija, since it's a very new car and this is the first time that it appears in a proper racing game. In this video I am comparing it with the other electric hypercar in the game, which is the Rimac C Two.

These cars are somewhat difficult to control, so I looked for an easy and open track to test them on and I eventually found a good one with the Dubai Autodrome International layout. The cars are pretty similar in terms of performance, although I was slightly faster with the lower rated Rimac.

I will probably make quite a few more videos in Project Cars 3, so make sure to follow the channel if you are interested in this game. And I may even be able to do some early access live streams as well, so if you don't want to miss those, then make sure to also follow me on my live stream channel here:
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