Gran Turismo 7 - America Circuit Experience Gold Medals (One Lap Time Attack) - All Tracks

Gran Turismo 7 has been released and it also features the Circuit Experience mode that was introduced in GT Sport. Here you can see me beating the gold medal time in the full lap challenge for every track in the Americas region.

0:00 Northern Isle with Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept
0:54 Blue Moon Bay Oval with Aston Martin DBR9 GT1
2:14 Blue Moon Bay Infield with Ford Mustang Group 3
3:58 Laguna Seca with Dodge Viper Group 4
6:05 Willow Springs Big Willow with Chevrolet Corvette Group 3
7:53 Willow Springs Streets with Ford Mustang Group 4
9:43 Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile with Lancia Delta
11:29 Daytona Road Course with Ford GT Race Car
13:57 Interlagos with Nissan GT-R (R35) Group 3
16:06 Trial Mountain with Mazda RX Vision Concept
18:33 Colorado Springs with Ford Focus Group B Rally Car
20:38 Fishermans Ranch with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Group B Rally Car

In the Circuit Experience mode you have to beat target times on a track with a specific car, first doing the individual sectors of the track and then a full lap in one go. I am only showing the full lap challenges in my video. Here you can see all the track layouts in the Americas region that had a Circuit Experience event at launch, which are 12 layouts in 9 different locations.

All runs were done without using ghosts or watching demonstrations or other videos, since I enjoy learning the tracks on my own, so if you are struggling with one of the tracks, then make sure to also watch the ingame demonstration run, since it may show you some lines that I am not showing in my video.

Surprisingly the hardest track in the Americas region for me to get the gold medal on was Laguna Seca, even though it is the track that I have the most experience with from other racing games. The gold medal time on Laguna feels more strict to me than those on the other tracks. Or maybe I am just not good with this particular car.

The easiest track for me was Fishermans Ranch, since I already did over 100 runs on it when grinding for money, so I accidently became a bit of an expert on this track and I was able to completely destroy the target time here.

I also got to drive on a few tracks that I hadn't visited in GT7 at all yet, like Willow Streets and Horse Thief Mile, which are not used for any race events, licenses or missions in the game so far, so you might not even know that they exist in the game if you haven't done Circuit Experience yet.

All runs in the video are not just gold medal runs but most of them even go far beyond that, since as usual I tried to set the best times that I could, so hopefully people will enjoy them. I will also be making the same type of video for the tracks in the Europe and Asia regions in the coming weeks, so check back later if you are interested in one of those.
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