The Crew 2 - "Super 70s" Summit - Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn (Top Run)

This week we got the "Super 70s" Summit in The Crew 2, which has quite a few interesting and fun events. The most unique one is the new mooded event "Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn" with the newly released Ford Mustang Boss 429. Here you can see how to do a fast run in it.

Just like the first mooded event with the Kawasaki this one also has a special soundtrack and it's also a city track with a lot of 90° turns, just this time in New York instead of Chicago. The new Mustang actually has pretty good handling for a classic muscle car, which makes this a fun event.

Next week we will have an even more interesting Summit, featuring 3 new cars with the DeLorean, Ferrari 512 TR and Pontiac Firebird, so make sure to tune in next week as well.

To catch all of my gameplay also follow my live stream channel here: (where I completed the full Summit live as usual)
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