Project Cars 3 - Breakout, Hotlap and Pacesetter Gameplay (Rivals Mode Leaderboard Challenges)

Project Cars 3 will be released for the public next week but thanks to Slightly Mad Studios I am already able to try the game now and showcase some of its content for you guys. Here you can see me doing the current daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard challenges in the so called Rivals mode of the game, featuring the challenge types Breakout, Hotlap and Pacesetter.

0:00 Rivals Mode Leaderboard Event Overview (Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenge)
0:58 Daily Challenge Example - Breakout at Silverstone Stowe with 2015 Caterham Seven 620 R
2:52 Weekly Challenge Example - Hotlap at Laguna Seca with 2015 Ford Mustang GT Racing
5:20 Monthly Challenge Example - Pacesetter at Jerez with 2020 Toyota GR Supra Racing

Project Cars 3 has a "Rivals" section with daily, weekly and monthly leaderboard challenges, where you can set a score or time to compete against other players. Possible modes are Breakout, Hotlap and Pacesetter. In Breakout you have to smash targets to score points. In Hotlap you have to set a fast lap time. In Pacesetter you have to set a fast average time over 3 laps. In Hotlap and Pacesetter the game will show you ghosts from people who are in front of you on the leaderboard.

In some of the leaderboard events (like the current daily and weekly) you will have a limited number of attempts or be restricted to a specific car. In others (like the current monthly) you will have unlimited attempts and be able to choose from several cars, like for example the whole GT3 class. The leaderboards are divided into divisions like platinum, gold or silver and based on your results you will get points for a monthly Rivals ranking. Some of the weekly challenges will be slightly longer than one week to fit exactly 4 of them into a month.

Unfortunately there don't seem to be any leaderboards outside of this Rivals mode, so no permanent leaderboards for all the tracks and classes like in the previous game, which is disappointing. If you want to go for leaderboards in this game, then these daily, weekly and monthly challenges seem to be the only thing that you can do. However, one positive thing is that the results are archived, so you can look at the results of a leaderboard challenge after it has concluded (which for some reason is not the case in several other racing games).

I will probably make quite a few more videos in Project Cars 3, so make sure to follow the channel if you are interested in this game. And I may even do some live streams as well, so if you don't want to miss those, then make sure to also follow me on my live stream channel here:
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