Gran Turismo 7 - Europe Circuit Experience Gold Medals (One Lap Time Attack) - All Tracks

Gran Turismo 7 has been released and it also features the Circuit Experience mode that was introduced in GT Sport. Here you can see me beating the gold medal time in the full lap challenge for every track in the Europe region.

0:00 Dragon Trail Seaside with Jaguar F-type Group 3
2:21 Dragon Trail Gardens with Peugeot RCZ Group 4
4:36 Alsace Village with Renault RS01 Group 3
7:05 Deep Forest with Audi R8 Group 3
9:06 Goodwood Circuit with Aston Martin Vantage Group 4
10:58 Brands Hatch GP with Radical SR3
13:13 Red Bull Ring with Red Bull X2014 Junior
15:24 Nürburgring GP with Mercedes-AMG GT Group 3
18:09 Barcelona Catalunya GP with Lamborghini Huracan Group 3
20:30 Monza GP with Ferrari 458 Group 3
22:53 Spa GP with Porsche 911 RSR Group 3
25:49 Lago Maggiore with Alfa Romeo 4C Group 3
28:22 Sardegna Windmills with Subaru WRX Group B Rally Car
30:12 Sardegna Road Track A with Audi R18 TDI Group 1
32:21 Circuit Sainte-Croix C with Bugatti VGT Group 1
35:51 Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe with Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Group 1
39:45 Nürburgring Nordschleife with BMW M6 Group 3 Endurance Model

In the Circuit Experience mode you have to beat target times on a track with a specific car, first doing the individual sectors of the track and then a full lap in one go. I am only showing the full lap challenges in my video. Here you can see all the track layouts in the Europe region that had a Circuit Experience event at launch, which are 17 layouts in 15 different locations.

All tracks were done without using ghosts or watching demonstrations or other videos, since I enjoy learning the tracks completely on my own, so if you are struggling with one of the tracks, then make sure to also watch the ingame demonstration run, since it may show you some lines that I am not showing in my video.

Europe has the biggest number of tracks, including the longest tracks in the game. I was able to get each of the gold medals in a reasonable amount of time though.

I was worried about Nordschleife beforehand because the target time is a lot lower than in GT Sport but it turns out that the car is simply that much faster in GT7. I was also warned about the last sector of Le Mans and I can see why people might struggle with it but I was able to get pretty comfortable with that as well.

The most annoying track in my opinion is actually Barcelona, not because the target time is very tough but because the car just has the most awful handling in the game. There are a few other cars that also want to start sliding in some corners but those are usually saved by the assist settings that I use. The Huracan Group 3 still feels horrible regardless of the assists though.

All runs in the video are not just gold medal runs but most of them even go far beyond that, since as usual I tried to set the best times that I could, so hopefully people will enjoy them.

Now I have completed 100% of the single player content that was available in GT7 at launch, although we already got the first additional content with the 1 hour endurance races in the new mission chapter. I might do those races on my live stream, since they are probably not interesting enough for videos. To catch all of my live streams make sure to also follow me here:

I also earned a lot of credits from completing all the Circuit Experience events, so my car collection is coming along pretty nicely. Feel free to let me know if there are any particular cars that you would like me to show off. I own every Group 1/2/3/4 car that has already appeared at the legend dealer.
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