The BIGGEST MYTHS You've Been Told About WEIGHT LOSS | Dr. Steven Gundry

Tired of making healthy choices but not getting the results you want?
Well, the issue may have something to do with your metabolism.
And If you think your metabolism is holding you back: don’t give up. There is something you can do.
In fact, my guests say you can hack your metabolism to boost your weight loss efforts.

They’re twin sisters: Michal Mor, doctor of physiology and Merav Mor, Chief of science and co-developers of Lumen, a device that uses your breath to determine if your body is burning fat or carbs in real time.

And for a lot of people, knowing how YOUR unique body burns fat could be the key to getting your metabolism and weight under control.
We discuss EVERYTHING you need to know about metabolism and the surprisingly simple technique for helping YOU reach your health goals.

On this episode you’ll learn:
* The surprising TRUTH about menopause and your metabolism (and the other factors that could be leading to weight gain)
* What 50% of normal individuals are missing to achieve an efficient metabolism – and the 4 pillars you should focus on for optimal health
* How you can measure your metabolism in just one breath (plus the type of fuel your body needs for higher energy)
* Why eating fat does NOT make you fat (and the type of food that actually does)
* Why you NEED to ditch counting calories and the scale (and the real way to measure your health)
* How fasting can impact your metabolic flexibility – and how to avoid putting your body in “stress mode”
* The real reason you may be struggling to lose weight on a Keto diet
* How you can gradually push your body to burn fat as fuel and optimize weight loss
* Why doing everything right can have no effect on your weight if you don’t get enough of THIS
* Why paying attention to the quality of your food is more important than this everyday habit

This episode was sponsored by Lumen, but Dr Gundry’s opinions are his own
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